Shower System 12 Inch Rain Shower Head with Handheld Spray Shower Faucets Sets Complete Pressure Balance Shower Valve and Trim Kit Matte Black, XB6230S12-BK

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●cUPC CERTIFIED & ANTI-SCALD CARTRIDGE: The advanced pressure balance ceramic disc cartridge with cUPC certification can effectively prevent scald injury (caused by sudden changes in hot or cold water pressure) and maintain constant water temperature. If inlet water temperature changes seasonally, please following included instructions to readjust the Rotational Limit top. The recommended water temperature for the bath or shower is between 90°F - 110°F.

●12 INCH SQUARE RAIN SHOWER HEAD: Featuring a 12" Ultra-Thin rainfall shower head (material: SUS 304 stainless steel), it delivers a wide range of soft rain spray to fresh your body and mind. Besides, the nozzle on the rain showerhead, made of silicone, is easy to clean.

●SIMULTANEOUS FLOW OUT DESIGN: The shower valve has a built-in diverter. The ceramic disc diverter valve provides smooth and easy function-switching operations. It can be switched between 12" large square overhead shower and hand shower separately, or used at the same time.

●PREVENTING WATER HAMMER: This shower valve body is made of one-piece solid BRASS, ensuring durability and lifespan. Furthermore, the shower valve can effectively prevent water-hammer, runs quieter without knocking noise, which brings you a comfortable shower experience that seems like under the natural raindrop. (Installation Note: The adjustable distance for valve box installation is 2.36" to 3.35" / 60mm to 85mm.)

●BRASS HANDHELD SHOWER: The shell of the handheld shower is made of brass. Compared with the plastic shell, METAL shell can resist high temperatures and pressure. Therefore, it can serve many years without leakage.

-Valve Body: Brass
-Diverter: Built-in
-Shower Arm: 15.7-Inch Stainless Steel
-Shower Holder: Brass
-Connection Size: Standard 1/2 NPT tapered threads
-Shower Hose: 59"-75"flexible, tangle-free design, Stainless Steel and Rubber
-Overhead Shower: 12-Inch, Stainless Steel
-Handheld Shower Shell: Brass
-Decorative Cover: Stainless Steel
-Cartridge: Pressure Balance Ceramic Disc Cartridge (anti-scalding)
-Finish: Matte Black
-Installation: Wall Mount
-NOTICE: This shower system is NOT designed for outdoor use.

Recommended Installation Distance
The maximum distance between the stringer and the front surface of finished wall is 3 11/32", and the minimum distance is 2 23/64". The Recommended Distance is 2 3/4" for installation.

Packaging Includes
1 x 12" Rain Showerhead
1 x Rough-in Valve with Diverter
1 x Handheld Showerhead
1 x Shower Hose
1 x Shower Arm and Escutcheon
1 x Shower Holder
1 x Valve Decorative Cover
1 x Plastic Protective Cap
1 x Hardware Pack
1 x Plumber's Tape
1 x Installation Instruction

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