Shower Connector Ball Joint Shower Head Swivel Ball Adapter Brass Adjustable Shower Arm Extension Universal Component Polish Chrome, PSB101-CH

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●BRASS BODY: Solid Brass body construction of this shower head adapters provides much higher performance (high heat-resistance and pressure-resistance) and durability than plastic ones. This shower head swivel adapter can serve many years without leakage.

●LARGE WATER FLOW: Flow rate is 7.8 GPM (@ 60PSI), definitely NO flow restrictions! You can enjoy rainfall showering experience even your shower head is as large as 16-inch.

●RUST PROOF: Constructed of brass, the shower head swivel adapter of shower head extension arm can protecting against corrosion & rust and need trivial maintenance.

●SWIVEL BALL JOINT: Ball connector swivel angle is 23°(11 per side). This swivel ball allows you to adjust any angle of the shower head after installation. Shower angle can be easily adjusted to accommodate both kids and adults, providing perfect shower experience for every family member. The connection is tight enough that it won't fall back down after swiveling to any angles. Swivel it and it will stay the exact position you need.

●EASY INSTALLATION: This universal connection fits with standard G 1/2 straight threaded shower arms & shower heads. Just twist on! Package includes FREE Teflon tape.

-Body Material: Brass
-Connections: Standard G 1/2 female & G 1/2 male connections
-Finish: Brushed Nickel
-Flow Rate: No limited water pressure. We have tested this under several psi:
3.4 gpm at 14.5 psi
5 gpm at 29 psi
6.7 gpm at 43.5 psi
7.8 gpm at 60 psi
8.9 gpm at 72.5 psi
-Leak-Free Design: Upgraded from previous two-part body design, this improved ONE-PIECE body avoids potential leakage and provides higher pressure-resistance.
-Installation: Easy installation, no tools needed

Package Includes
1 x Shower Head Connector
1 x Teflon tape
NOT INCLUDING any shower arm or shower head

About KES
Founded in 1996, KES is a professional manufacturer in kitchen and bathroom industry. We strive to provide industry-leading quality, affordable products to customers worldwide.
- ISO9001 certified quality management system
- Socially responsible company, BSCI compliant
- Original designs under global patent protection
- Served millions of users from Europe, North America and Asia
- Walmart, Home Depot trusted supplier

Color: Polished Finish

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